I plan & write software — by myself, with friends, and as part of organizations. I focus on mobile experiences, team processes, and tooling.


March 2021 — October 2022

I worked on systems that help shoppers find work and earn money.

Notably, I designed & directed a re-architecture of the app’s home tab, paving way for experiences and interactions that were originally expensive, infeasible, or unsafe to build.

I also led an initiative protecting shoppers falling victim to tip-baiting.

Double Atelier

January 2020 — February 2021

I built and maintained a pair of iOS apps that facilitate delegation between executives and their personal assistants.

Both apps were originally written in React Native before I joined the company to work on rewriting them natively.


November 2014 — May 2020

What started as a library of web scrapers for the University of Toronto later became a collection of web APIs for interfacing with the university’s public data.

I partnered with fellow students and a local open data company that sponsored the project for its lifetime.

I wrote about my original motivation for Cobalt in a blog post.

Microsoft Corporation

May 2016 — December 2019

I was a member of the Outlook for iOS team. I focused on build systems, design systems, navigation, and security.

Notably, I led engineering on a redesign of the app, work that was then adopted by the company as part of a universal design system.

I also built tools for managing developer environments and weekly app releases.

Photo of Qasim