I am a Pakistani Canadian living in the city of Toronto.


To make my living, I plan and write software at organizations.

Double Atelier

January 2020 - Present

I originally joined Double to rewrite their iOS apps from scratch with a newly formed team, responsible for things such as project structure, app architecture, and a build system.

I now actively maintain the apps and build new features weekly as we continue to grow.

Microsoft Corporation

May 2016 - December 2019

I was a member of the Outlook for iOS team, responsible for many of the project's core pieces including authentication, security, navigation, shareable UI components, best practices and guidelines, and a comprehensive build system.

Notably, I led engineering on a major redesign of the app, work that was later shared and implemented across the entire company.

Open source

I author and contribute to tools that others can use to build their software, most of which is open source.


November 2014 - May 2020

What started out as a library of web scrapers for the University of Toronto eventually became a collection of web APIs for interfacing with the university's public data.

Although the university itself was not ready to fund something like Cobalt, I was fortunate enough to partner with a local open data company that sponsored the project for its lifetime.

I wrote about my original motivation for Cobalt in a blog post.

Photo of Qasim